Instrumentation and control|Automation

Instrumentation and control|Automation courses
instrumentationCertified Automation Engineer
Field Instrumentation
Instrument Calibration
Industrial Motor Control/VFD/DC Drive/Soft Stater
Industrial Networking
Industrial Robotics and Control
Metering (Transfer of costudy)/ Multiphase Metering
Advanced Automation Engineering
Flow meter Proving and Calibration
Automatic Tank Gauge Installation and maintenance

Special/short courses

Siemens PLC programming (duration: 5days)

Allen Bradley PLC programming (duration: 5days)

SCADA/HMI with Wincc (duration: 5days)

SCADA/HMI with Wonderware intouch (duration: 5day)

SCADA/HMI with kingview (duration: 5day)

DCS Architecture Delta V (duration: 4days)

DCS Architecture centum VP/3000 (duration: 4days)

PLC fundamental (duration: 4days)

SCADA/HMI fundamental (duration: 4days)

DCS fundamental (duration: 4days)

VFD fundamental (duration: 4days)

Industrial networking fundamental (duration: 4days)

Field instrumentation fundamental (duration: 4days)

We also offer customized training courses from basic, intermediary to advanced level of Automation

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