Current to voltage hardware scaling (ACECATECH APP. 1.3)

This is an online app to design, scale and convert your analog voltage current to voltage. This is particularly important if you want to match a transmitter which transmits analog current signal to a receiver designed to receive voltage signals. For instance you may have a transmitter whose range of analog voltage is 4 to 24ma and you may have a PLC or DCS controller whose analog current signal ranges from 0 to 10v. the transmitter signal can be scaled to match the PLC/DCS input range.

This online app provide you the appropriate schematic and generates the value of the appropriate resistor for your design. It also gives inference and suggestions at each level of your design.

Ensure to use precision resistor in all your design.

current to voltage hardwar

NB. this design is also applicable to any microprocessor based analog receiver such as actuators as long as they have fist input impedance

You need to enter your parameters which includes: the appropriate range for the transmitter current as well as the receiver voltage range and input impedance.